Components of A Good Landing Page

On October 11, 2011, in Web Design & Development, by Jason Roberts

Your landing page or home page is arguably one of the most important pages of your website.  Think of it as the front page of a newspaper.  It is the first thing your customers see and it will likely determine if they stay on your site and click into the various topics you cover.  Proper planning is crucial to you grabbing your customer’s attention and ultimately their business.

One important point to keep in mind when planning your landing page is that customers don’t want to work when they come to your site.  If you have anything resembling work to your customer, you run a strong risk of losing their attention.  Wordy pages that cram too much content are overwhelming to the eye.  It is important to balance content with design.  Tease them with enough information that the average visitor will want ot click farther into the site to read more.

Here are some of the most important landing page content items to consider integrating into your website:

  • Limited Navigation – don’t have too many navigation buttons and drop-down menus.
  • Quick scan details – these are typically short headlines that live in a sidebar to attract your customer’s attention.
  • Images – Use images! Break up the text with images, but make sure they are relavent to your content.
  • Bullet points – these can be helpful if appropriate to summarize what you are about.  Hyperlink them to more content within your site.
  • Colors – Don’t be afraid to use color, but avoid the hippie tie-dyed rainbow…unless of  course you are selling hippie tie-dyed items!
  • Ease the conversion – Make it easy for your customer’s to locate what they are looking for while minimizing the amount of work it takes for them to find it.

These are just the beginning to get you started.  For more suggestions, talk to your web designer and make sure he or she has a plan.


About The Author:

Jason Roberts is the president of NetFUSION Studios Web & Graphic Design. NetFUSION Studios consists of a collection of designers, programmers, and consultants from a variety of backgrounds. The company also offers eLearning content creation and curriculum development for businesses and community organizations.


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